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PET Scan

Hi, I'm Kenny McG

Can anyone tell me how long do PET scan results take? I had mine 9 days ago and haven’t heard a word from my Oncologist. I called early this morning, but still haven’t received a call back. It’s been a little nerve wracking wondering if the cancer spread or not.

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  • Thu Jan 28, 2016
Hi, I'm Chui

At the university hospital in Belgium where I am being treated for mCRC you get the PET/CT scan results within 24 hours on a CD with a written and validated report and the oncologists get it even sooner through the computerised system. I already find 24 hours nerve wracking and can imagine what a 9-day wait must be all about. Do note that PET/CT scans cannot spot single cancer cells or tumors that are <0,5 cm.

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  • Sun Jan 31, 2016

Results usually come back within a couple of days. But I think that a lot of times They wait for You to come in for Your next appointment to discuss them with You. Do You have an appointment soon?

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  • Sun Jan 31, 2016

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